Part 1- Rotterdam

Last September we loaded up Busby’s trusty Vauxhall Vivaro with our persons and, of course, our mode of transport for the weekend-The 1949 Sun Wasp. Along with a few pairs of pants and a flask of tea, we set course for the Netherlands . First stop being Rotterdam and then onto the infamous city of Amsterdam.

The journey got off to a flying start with a shout-out from Radio 6’s Chris Hawking’s at 5:30 am wishing us “a happy tandem holiday” which left a lot to the listeners imagination…
On to a short ferry trip serving the greatest beer in the world- Bass. Marked with the simplistic and timeless red triangle, my Uncle Terry famously promotes it, claiming it’s the only liquid that passes his lips at the ripe old age of 81. This stood us in good stead, as he’s fit as a fiddle.

A couple of games of backgammon later and we’d arrived in France. Apart from a bit of congestion around Brussels, we coasted through into Holland, with the flask doing it’s job as we sipped tepid tea. The perfect accompaniment to Busby reminiscent tales of annual Claverdon Rugby Tours, prompted by the sign to Breda.

Upon arrival in Rotterdam, it was clear we had brought our trusty Birmingham-made co-bicycle to the right place, with cycle lanes as far as the eye could see. After a bit of navigation and a slightly too-close-for-comfort underground parking situation, finally we were ready to mount our blue beauty.

Now, apart from the obvious of drinking and taking in the local culture, our trip also had a purpose for buisness. We were in town to cast our eyes on the notorious HOLY ASHTRAY- The barber shop belonging to the founders Schorem of Rotterdam.

Mildly hungover following a night inside an unventilated Japanese-style pod hotel with only our own stench to keep us company, we cruised across town on our noble steed and shuffled into what before we had only caught sight of on the marvel of social media.
As a pair of barbers who spend our days educating the men of Stratford-upon-avon of the ways of booking an appointment, you would’ve thought we’d have heeded our own advice! Alas, we didn’t and were promply given the same treatment we are so used to dishing out at home. However, all was not lost and we were made to feel extremely welcome and soon given a beer, which settled the heavy heads we were nursing (Luke didn’t even realise it was 0% ACL Heineken)

We sat and observed the craftsmanship and enjoyed the hospitality of Schorem, having a good chin-wag with Ruddy. We both left with revived appreciation for our industry so celebrated with what we like to do best- drink half pints and ride our bike!