Busbys been buying Goodfellows gone gathering

By having a bigger space than the previous 7×7 square foot shop Busby previously operated from this means more room for stuff! Functional and not so functional, here is a list of recent top finds from boot sales and beyond.

The Teeth

Luke picked this up from a trip to Malvern flea market .The origin is unclear. Thought to be an ex-dentists prop used for training purposes, now a crowd-pleaser on our wall.

The deck

In homage to a skateboarding past, Toy Machine was the first deck I owned. Now only purely for visual satisfaction, it fits in the space like a glove.

The photo-sniper

Mainly used as a Russian perving device in the 60’s, it makes for a risky thing to be caught with. Not in our shop! It has pride of place in our spare section.

Star Wars lunch box and flask

Perfect for carrying your lunch or, in this case, marbles- the 70’s classic lives on firmly on our top shelf . Another Malvern bargain.

We’ve still got white walls to cover and spaces to fill and my postcard fetish is becoming a real thing. Next time we will be talking through Garbage Pal Kids and their offensive ways .

Busby and Goodfellow