As featured on our social media last week no one yet has come forward to claim the pack of ham sadly left behind on the waiting seats on Wednesday the 28th of March.




The poor little piggy is now 6 days in custody banged up in  the Busby & Goodfellows refrigerator unit on maximum security along with a bottle of original Lucazade a tin of Luke’s  beans and a few cans for communal beer.

We are appealing for its next of kin or owner to come forwards and pay the bail bond to get this ham home before it’s sentence is decided with the 12th of march set as it’s  exspirery date and there for condemning this ham to  a life in the can.

To save this perishing piece of pork please pop down to the shop on 26 Henley street, Stratford upon Avon to arrange the release.